Hello there! My name is Batyr and I am a graduate student at the University of Alberta, where I am doing research under the supervision of Dr. Sarah Nadi at the Software Maintenance and Reuse Lab. Prior to that, I obtained my BA in Computer Science from the American University in Bulgaria.

My research strives to detect and prevent Java API misuses. See Research.

In the past, I have worked with a variety of tools and languages such as:

  • Languages. Rust, C++, Python, JavaScript (Node.js, React.js), Java.
  • ML. Python libs such as numpy, matplotlib, sklearn, keras, and jupyter notebooks.
  • Web tech stack. Node.js, Twitter Bootstrap.
  • Storage. MongoDB, PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch.
  • Infrastructure. Docker, Gitlab, Travis, Circle CI, Heroku, bash.
  • Miscellaneous. LaTeX, Sonic Pi.

Got feedback? Let me know at oneturkmen [at] gmail [dot] com.